Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Hello & A Summer Recap

With classes starting up again soon at MTSU, I figured I'd start a blog to go along with this semester. I'm starting my junior year & am thinking it's probably [realistically] going to take 2 more to get out of that joint. But it's all good. This semester's going to be lighter, leaving room to have some more fun, so that's def. one thing I'm looking forward to.

Of the many things going on, I'm going to be taking photos for the Murfreesboro Pulse.
Alas, if you have any sort of local show/party/whatever going on in the Boro, let me know.

As far as the summer recap you are just dying for, here it is.

I worked a lot.
Then I went to Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp to help teach photography. And it was one of the most amazing weeks I've ever had. Let's just say Monday night, after just one day of camp, I couldn't stop smiling and was sure I will be volunteering next year- for sure.
Here's some photographic evidence...

Our Photography Class
Megan and Steve were the lovely folks I assisted teaching class with. I think we had a better time than the girls did at camp, honestly.This is pretty much the greatest photo ever. And the lovely Steve did take the following photo of Megan and I at Left Can Dance that weekend [my first dance party. Finally!]
He takes a TON of photographs and is really good, so check out his website.

Not long after returning from SGRRC, went on a mission trip to Pearlington, Miss. to help paint a church. No AC, no indoor plumbing. Wound up getting sick one day because I was so dehydrated. But it was cool to get out of Chattanooga and take some photos in New Orleans one nite when we headed up there. Here's a little of what I got:

Alas, that's a taste of my summer. Here's to a good summer and the possibility of more great times.

Have a great one!

NP: Lily Allen- "Smile" [don't really dig the record all that much, but this is good track..]

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