Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall Music Update

As far as sporadic bloggers, I'm back for a little bit & getting my head wrapped around all the amazing live music coming up in the next few weeks in the Nashville area... forget school, it's awesome concert season.

Looking for some suggestions, eh? You know I've got them....

1) This Sunday (27th), The Decemberists visit the Ryman with the last leg of their "Hazards of Love" tour, in which they play their latest release in full. The show isn't sold out and decent tickets are still available, plus you could possibly find your way into a ticket from the Nashville Cream caption contest. Check out the Ryman's twitter for up to date info.

I lucked out and found a friend who has an extra ticket, making for my second trip to the Ryman, second time seeing the Decemberists, also. If it's anything like the first time, with the epic "Mariner's Revenge Song" encore that lasts for 15 minutes, it'll be an amazing nite.

2) Dent May & His Magnificent Ukelele are coming back to Nashville October 26th at the End. I'm hopeful he and his crew will actually be headlining this time, as opposed to when they played at Mercy and went on second. According to the End's myspace, the show's with Bows and Arrows and is only $6. That, friends, is something worth seeing- trust me.

3) Grimey's Big Outdoor Sale & Party (or whatever they're calling it this time around) is coming up next weekend, October 3. Most of the info hasn't been released yet, but keep your eyes peeled to their website for what has traditionally been my favorite events to go on in Music City

4) The end all be all of Nashville's music scene- Next Big Nashville- it's coming soon! If you haven't experienced this juggernaut of a festival for local and regional acts (including out of town folks such as Lucero & Phospherescent), try your darndest to make it out. The price of a wristband may sound a little steep ($40 plus fees, which only came out to $45 & some change), but consider how many acts you can see, how many of your friends you can hang out with at numerous shows a nite, and yeah... if you're reading this, chances are you've already checked it out.

There's a lot of other rad shows going on, but this is the quick, "I haven't blogged in ages" version. More album reviews and thoughts and comments on local and national music will be posted at points in time when I find I'm more excited and not run down with school work (graduation in 3 months...eep!).

Hope to see you out at some shows, Nashville.

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