Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ahh...Fall Break ( a recap: Keep On Movin' Party/Har Mar Superstar)

Even though I feel as though college fall breaks aren't quite as nice as lower levels of school breaks  (example: my mom and dad are on the way to Tybee Island, GA right now, seeing as she has a whole week off, being a high school teacher and all), I enjoyed my 2 days off  by taking in some awesome tunes.

    First on the list was the 5 Spot's weekly dance party, hosted by Electric Western. Reno Bo and the gang never disappoint, and with Jacob Jones doing his solo music tour thing, that's been leaving an open third spot on Monday nights lately.  I was extra excited, and with good reason, to catch Doyle from Grimeys throw down an awesome set of funk and soul, adding to the already fun mix of 50's & 60's rock and roll, funk, soul, garage rock and more. If you dig any of these genres and like to get down, check out the party one Monday night and just try not to get addicted to them.  If dancing isn't your thing, still check out what all the guys and gals at the 5 Spot have going's easily one of the best places in town to hang out, catch a show and get to know your neighbors on the east side (or practically adopted neighbors, if you're like me and don't live in the city...).

Har Mar Superstar 

  For the second half of what can only be called a tease of a fall break, the Har Mar Superstar show I had been looking forward to for a few weeks, was on Tuesday night.

   After seeing Mr. Superstar a year or two back, I was pumped to find out he dropped a brand new album last week and was coming through town on the earlier part of his tour.  If you haven't listened to any of his music, it's very pop and dance oriented- ie a party.  The lyrics tend to be over sexualized, as is his on stage performance, but it will make you dance, even if you back away a few feet from the stage when he jumps into the crowd and starts dancing.

    Yes, he has the charisma of an ace performer and uses almost the whole venue as a stage (there was a big circle in the middle of the underwhelming crowd for almost half of the set, along with a song or two taking place mostly at the bar).  Basically, Har Mar's goal is to make you move. If you aren't moving, he will do everything he can to make this happen.

   Personally, I love stuff the dancey, poppy/electro stuff and can't get enough of it; my main complaint about this show was I wished it had gone on for longer. He played for a little over an hour and went through a mix of new and older tracks, including the songs with Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs ("Cut Me Up") and Beth Ditto from the Gossip ("Powerlunch"), their vocals on the backing tracks that were used throughout the set, along with live guitar, bass and drums.

   Some of the gags that he used were the same as the last time he hit Nashville (such as when he closed with an acapella song that was the same as the first time), but that's the only thing I have to say bad about the show, which wasn't even a terrible thing, it just lacked the punch of the first time around.

  All I really have to say is that Har Mar has got it going on- he's got the skill, the gimmick, the charm and the talent to get it all across- when someone gets on stage and says "Scream because I'm awesome", then everyone does (and means it), that's a feat.

  If you don't think this man can do it, check him out live- you might could learn a thing or two.

[Check out a few more Har Mar photos here]

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