Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NBN: Thursday Night Wrap Up

It seemed like a normal night at Foobar on Thursday until you walked into the back room where the bands were playing.

I have to say that I am very glad the venue was added to Next Big’s line up last minute, seeing as I don’t think these bands would’ve gone over as well if they weren’t on the east side- they seem to be a little more accepting to the quirkier acts over there.

By the time we arrived, the first two bands, Goodbye Sons and James Wallace and the Naked Light, had already played and Happy Birthday Amy was finishing setting up.

Perhaps it was the crowd, or Raul Panther of Protomen on a few songs’ background vocals, Chris Click of Ascent of Everest on tuba or maybe the venue, but something in the air made this HBA set extra enjoyable. Also, after seeing the quite a few times the past 3 or 4 years, it was one of the best sets of theirs that I have seen.

Cheer Up Charlie Daniels was admittedly the reason I decided to take a chance on the one NBN night at Foobar (plus I happened to be staying with friends on that side of town). I’d only seen them play at the 1970’s themed 8 off 8th and randomly met the singer, Neil, a few nights before as he was flyering for the show; his personal appeal to me worked once I started seriously planning the night.

The band’s set was really good, tunes with a pop rock sound, a few other pinches of stuff thrown in, including stuff that you almost shouldn't like but kinda have to, pending on when you grew up (example: the Steely Dan cover). They put on quite a show, including a guitar getting busted during the set (I somehow missed this and figure I was next door or something…the remnants were on the floor near the end of the set). Simple costumes and fake facial hair were also in full effect, with the fake ‘staches available for the crowd if they so chose.

Cheer Up Charlie Daniels is quite a fun band to see live with some pretty good songs, so I’m really excited to hear their new release and also see how it sounds on record (yes, it’s coming out on vinyl- yum). Keep an eye out for an album review as soon as I can get my hands on the music.

Umbrella Tree played after CUCD, but I got a little distracted and the next thing I knew, their 40 minute set was over. I will say they are one of the most original acts in Nashville, though, and that says a lot.

By the end of the night one thing was clear to me- Foobar is a fun place to see a show and I hope there are more that are going on and people find out about- it could easily turn into the spot to be if the cards are played right.

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