Thursday, March 20, 2008

Biased Bands and Expensive Shows

In all of my days as a music listener/fanatic/junkie, there is this one issue that in discovering new music that I’m over: preconceived biases on certain artist or songs. These can be shaped by many different things, of course. Be it because of an ex, too much hype or a number of other possible factors, it just stinks.

Case in point, Dinosaur Jr..

Before even giving the band a chance, a) J. Mascis freaked me out with his hair that’s not possibly naturally that color and b) had a ton of hype I didn’t understand from the twenty-somethings who were in high school when the band was in its heyday. Add to this the massive love for the band an ex had, up until this week I had never really been able to listen to the band’s music.

What did it was Broken Social Scene, particularly Kevin Drew. The song “Backed Out on the…” is one of the greatest I’ve heard in a while- loud guitars, total party vibe, putting it all out there for the listener. After seeing the video for the song, I realized that Mr. Mascis happens to play guitar on the song and also does appear in the video. Knowing he was involved put me off of the song a little bit but I refused to give up. I had to move on and keep rocking out and singing along way too loudly in the car to the chorus. So I tried my best. And my best, surprisingly, did work this time.

It is important to note in my quest to figure out what the big fuss about Dinosaur Jr. is all about, the trek for the answer was a long one (I tell you, I really did want to like them somehow but just had this mental block…). After asking many friends about this greatness, a stranger wound up convincing me to give them a chance, thanks to his passionate run down of seeing Mascis play live. Well, that and the fact that Kevin Drew would jam out with him, too.

Anyways, I was listening to said song by Drew this afternoon and I finally realized why I enjoyed the song: the loud guitars that sound like they’re turned up to 11 and that was thanks to J. Mascis.

So by default, I think I really do like Dinosaur Jr


Evidentally M.I.A. is bringing her sound to Nashville in the next month or so. Holy F*** is opening (oh those profanity named bands. Trend of the year) and I was thinking this would be a pretty good show, but one thing caught me off guard and the thought of showing up left my mind: $28 in advance, $31 day of the show.

That’s quite a chunk of change, particularly when I’ll be seeing her at Bonnaroo in June, anyways. If you suck it up and go, let me know how it is. I’ll be at home, plotting how to use that $30 I saved (plus gas money) for Bonnaroo season.


And for some personal excitement in my life, one of the trends for spring/summer is evidentially the Ray Ban, old school sunglasses. I picked up a pair at Claire’s for less than ten bucks and can’t help but feel a little Dylan-esque when they’re on. Not that I’m complaining- Dylan’s a pretty good guy to feel like.

Self Portrait

**speaking of photos- just put up a lot on the 365 project album on my flickr if you want to check it out. Fo Sure.

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Anonymous said...

maybe the big fuss about dinosaur jr was that they sound good? you should either like them or don't. why give a shit about fuss or what other people say about it.