Monday, May 19, 2008

A few thougths and some updateage

I caught the last five minutes of tonite's episode of "Gossip Girl". All I gathered was it is a show about snobs and the boys have nice clothes. Case in point:

I'm also watching the season finale of "One Tree Hill" just because. Gavin Degraw was in the opening sequence, singing. Yes, please. The line "stop hiding your heart" was just used. I'm entertained. How does a show go from high school to 24? Yeah. No thanks.

Moving on to some music ramblings...

- got my new issue of Nylon in the mail today. It's the "music issue" that they paired up with myspace to put out.

Lots of artists are mentioned (including my new favorite chick from Wales, Duffy- more about her record later on in this post) and it even spotlights good ole' Music City. I was prety impressed to see mentions of a few different venues. Of course, they left out my favorite dive ever, The End, but I think whence 21 occurs for me, the 5 Spot is going to be one that I enjoy.

Anyways, pick up the new issue of the magazine when it hits newstands if you want to see it (the issue with scarlett johanssn on the cover)....I'll probably want to say something about my Teen Vogue I also got today, but alas I have yet to look at it at all.

-I feel the need to share a bit of internet wonderfulness that I have found as of late. I am on flickr way too much these days and found the electronic duo of Jona and Claire and the photographs of their adventures around the world, spreading their danceable beats. The "Daily YACHT" videos are admittedly one of the first things I look for on Flickr and I do have a tendency to leave comments and questions (which they usually answer on the next day's video). Sunday's was pretty rad, all the way from Stockholm, on a boat. If you watch it, I promise it makes more sense...

- I'm getting into pop music. Bad. It all started with this warming trend called global warming induced summer. Throw in some Miley Cyrus and Robyn and, well, it's just impossible. I have to say there's nothing better than jumping in the car, windows down, singing along to songs you almost feel bad about jamming out to. Almost.
Here's a list of what's been playing really loud:
- "Cobrastyle" - Robyn
- "See You Again" - Miley Cyrus (I have likened this one to crack is so catchy)
- "Mercy"- Duffy
- "Shake It" - Metro Station

It's not top 40 pop or anything but I've come around to the group Stars, finally. At first they seemed kinda boring but then I ran into the track "Take Me to the Riot" on muxtape and it won't get out of my head, in a good way (oh they did play Nashville a month or two back. I was a little slow on this one, as my usual luck).

-To expound on the poppy goodness, I picked up the Duffy record, "Rockferry" last week on its release date. It was a little slow to get into, looking for a few tracks that are more upbeat, as the single is, but between listening to a few songs on the playlist at work and wanting to be like her when I watch the video for "Mercy", I put down $7.99 for the record at the big boy box store.

I'm digging on it more this week and suggest it for anyone that digs older pop, 60's style. I will be yet another person to compare her to Amy Winehouse, but only in the event that she's the closest comparison I can find as of now.
Sorry, Duffy (comments on the comparison are included in the interview in this month's Nylon, fyi).

- Along with the Duffy release day, last Tuesday was also the highly anticipated (I guess) release from Death Cab For Cutie, "Narrow Stairs". After seeing the full 8 minute video for "I Will Possess Your Heart" once, the song had won me over and I had to pick up the record.

I'm liking it more than the last record ("Plans"), seeing as it's more upbeat in areas and gives more to move along to. Of course, the stand out for me is still the single, particularly the first five minutes. I do indeed love Ben Gibbard and his vocals and words (and those total nerd chic glasses), but the way the instrumental builds- I wish it'd never end.

If you're looking for a recommendation or not, here it is: I listened to the record, literally, atleast 6 times all the way through the first day I had it. Go buy it if you have liked any of their stuff. Ever.

-I did an interview for with Spat! Records guy, AJ. The label has a ton of releases from punk/metal bands in Nashville and AJ seems like a pretty rad guy, really passionate about what they're doing over there. So yeah...check out the interview and let me know what you think!

- Left Can Dance is back June 21. I won't be there. Kinda wish I could be. Shake it a little for me, Nashville.


(my coffee mug like this broke. feel free to buy me another one. or any of the other years.)

If you like to rock and chill with some rad girls [and guys, counselor wise], check out their site and see what you think about the whole deal. Last year it was the best week of my life, honestly.

It's ok, clear off that schedule for the week of July 14th and change some lives thru rock and roll! If you know any lovely ladies ages 10- 18 that like to rock, let them and their folks/friends/whatever know about this amazing opportunity to build self esteem, make new friends and learn new skills in music and other arts (songwriting, DIY arts and crafts, photography, etc.).

Thanks for sticking it out thru this whole phase of random yet related thoughts. Have a good one, folks!

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