Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random bits from the blogs

Ran across a bit of different news from all over the blogs today- figured it'd be good to put them in one compiled check it...

1) Daniel Johnston is playing Nashville on June 25th at Cannery Ballroom. $20 via online purchase.

If I jumped into some of his stuff, besides the song he does with Okkervil River, I'd be there but we'll see...

2)Speaking of Okkervil River, caught on Pitchfork today the new OR record is coming out in September.

On September 9, Jagjaguwar will issue The Stand Ins, the fifth full-length album from Austin, Texas' Okkervil River. The set is described as a sequel to last year's exquisite The Stage Names LP...

I'm thinking it's a pretty quick follow up to "Stage Names" but, then again, it took me about 6 months or so after it was released to fully jump on board. Crossing my fingers already this sets into motion a tour soon enough after Sept. 9th and there's another show (headlining this time) in Nashville.

3)Also read today that the line up for Athens Popfest is being released tomorrow (Friday). I've never been to the event but know it has to be solid, given the bands that have played it in the past (Of Montreal & Murfreesboro locals, The Velcro Stars). In related festival news, Next Big Nashville will be taking place September 10-14th in Music City and the folks are accepting applications thru this site until June 5th.

I'll def. vouch for the festival as one of the raddest things I have gotten to experience. Last year I only has the joy of making one nite of the eevnt but that's not to say I was not wanting to go back for more (you can get a wristband that is good for the whole thing). This year is going to rock even more, seeing as I can get into all of the different venues throughout town, seeing as I'll be 21. Sweet. I'll ramble on incessantly about NBN as it gets closer. I promise.

4) Evidentally Matt Pelham of the Features played a small, solo gig last week up at the 5 Spot, along with the Chattanooga band Coral Castles. Check out The Spin for a review of the show.

(photo by my friend Steve Cross. It's probably one of my faves he's taken. Ever.)

5) My interview with Tony Stone from 102.9 the Buzz is posted on now. Check it out, on the main page. There's another one going up in a few days, too. Woohoo.

6) American Idol cares.

I'm gonna hit the sack with this gross allergy headache. Thanks for checking out the blog & have a great one, folks.

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