Sunday, July 27, 2008

Review: Ribbonpigeon's "Young Lungs"

Ribbonpigeon's "Young Lungs"

**Editors Note: The band recently changed their name to The Only Sons with the release of their second album,

Murfreesboro is clearly a good spot to start if you want to be in an alt country band.

[photo by Andrew Morton]

From being introduced to the sound of a more rocking version of country music in the latter years of high school, via Ryan Adams, to moving to Murfreesboro and finding a love for bands like Lucero & locals Glossary- I dig the southern comfort feel. Be it the fact I can relate to what these artists are singing about, or atleast I can picture where their life is (possibly) set, I love it. Ribbonpigeon, being newer to the Murfreesboro/Nashville music scene has definitely caught my eye (and ears).

Kent Goolsby's vocals are similar to Ryan Adams ("Heartbreaker" era) & Ben Nichols of Lucero at the grittier moments, but still stay true being original. The very well executed usage of lap steel (played by Mike Burgess) and fiddle (played by sole female of the band, Rebecca Ryan) are some of my favorite parts of the album, which clocks in at nine tracks and just over 30 minutes.

After listening to the record quite a few times, on repeat a bit & picking it up again , a week or so later, I really, really dig it. Of course, it all seems to be one cohesive unit of music, not the 9 different songs. I can hear the songs separately but they don't separate in my mind.

That being said, I love the music and can't wait to hear it live very soon. If you are at all into the bands previously mentioned make sure to check out the Ribbonpigeon record. You can check out on their myspace and find tour dates for all kinds of venues around Murfreesboro, Nashville & beyond that are coming up soon.

Also, to get a taste of a live set, check out this video from the Basement:

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