Sunday, December 14, 2008

Slithering Beast- "Midnight Royalty"

Slithering Beast- "Midnight Royalty"

"You like country, right?" It's not quite that easy. As with any genre of music, it can be splintered off into many different subgenres, so the basic question of "do you like country?" is a loaded question.

"Do you like Slithering Beast?", now that isn't quite as loaded. The band is of an alt country genre, highlighted by lap steel, harmonica and singer and songwriter Nick Dittmeier bit of a southern drawl. The 10 songs clock in at just over 32 minutes, a quick ride through Dittmeier's words and easily leave the listener wanting to listen to the record again from the starts.

Personally, the first listen felt like it took a little longer to take in, but when I went for listen number two some of the catchier numbers (such as "Honestly" and "Bad Soul") were already becoming stuck in my head and I knew the lyrics to an extent. Granted I had seen the band play in Murfreesboro two months or so before receiving the record, I was more concerned with socializing and complaining about the amount of smoke in the venue, digging what I heard but not falling completely in love.

After listening to the record quite a few times over Thanksgiving travels and beyond, I can't wait for another show in town. Given the number of alt country bands in the southeast [even Murfreesboro/Nashville alone], such as Glossary, Hammertorch, Ribbonpigeon, Lucero, etc., Slithering Beast is in great company. They've got a good set up at Sophomore Lounge and I really think that the destiny of the band is something really big- I could easily see the band hitting it big.

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