Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Music City is Alive & Well

Since making the pilgrimage back to Murfreesboro [for school, of course] a little less than 3 weeks ago, I've been reminded why I love this part of the world: There is almost always awesome live music.

2009 is shaping up to be an even better year than the last for the Nash/Boro scene, as proven by what's already happened and what's up next....So here's a recap and a look at the next few months...

1) Left Can Dance: The second nite I was back in town, this was happening. Of course, LCD was the main reason I headed back before classes started up. The party was Robot Rock II [the first one being late summer 2007 when Make Up & Vanity Set released his Protomen remix record] and I had to make it to the second since the first was my only experience at LCD.

The party at The End turned into a big 80's dance party, with lovely projections going all nite, including a Wham documentary or something of that nature (as pictured below). These are always an awesome time to just let go and dance and hang out with friends. So, if you like to dance, keep your eyes and ears open to their myspace for future parties.[Photo by the rad Steve Cross of Myself and Heather. And George Michael.]

[Justin from Protomen]

2) The Protomen: I can't escape them lately. Caught the boys and girls twice last week and enjoyed every minute of it. Their performances are so energetic and fun, you can't help but headbang and just move around. Never thought I'd be one to dig a band that you headbang to, but it's the most voluntary response that I have and I know it is the same for others [plus quite a bit of fist pumping]. Trust me on this one, just give them a listen or go to a show and try to stand still- pretty sure it's impossible. Here's a few shots that I grabbed while at the shows- and there's plenty more where they come from on the flickr:

3) Free Shows: I love it when venues have anniversaries, particularly when that means free shows. Case in point, Mercy Lounge turned 6 years old last week and had 6(ish) bands playing each nite, no cover, Monday- Saturday. Do the math and that's quite a few bands before the week was up. I wound up trekking up to Nashville for the Friday nite show, catching Protomen [the 2nd time that week seeing them], How I Became the Bomb, Hot Pipes, Eureka Gold and a few others. I'd never been to Mercy except for a very much smaller show or two, but by the time we got there around 10:15, I saw just how many bodies the venue would hold. On top of that, around 11-ish they cut off letting people in due to capacity. [Not any photos from there yet, but should be some when the disposable camera gets developed. I was too busy dancing during the sets].

Last nite the free-ness continued with "Funaguration" at the Basement, lead by the very patriotic Hey Penny. The nite came complete with a president of the party, cabinet members being named (who got banners) and a long line up bands (such as Parahute Musical & Tommy & the Whale). Even though it isn't my normal "scene" and the crowd was a bit different than the ones I normally go to shows with, it was still a good time. There's something about hearing the Star Spangled Banner, "USA!" being chanted throughout the song by the crowd, and a sweet cover of "Born in the USA" that just makes something be epic. Did cut out a little early due to being exhausted from work/school, but it was still worth the trip and I look forward to getting to catch Hey Penny play sometime very soon (their single, "Parade" is a little addictive).

4) Not forgetting about Murfreesboro: You know a line up is awesome when it doesn't matter the temperature outside. Try 10 degrees. In Tennessee. It doesn't get that cold here- ever- yet the Velcro Stars, Glossary & The Features had a large turn out. Truly one of the most solid line ups that I've seen in the past few months.

Shows Coming Up:

Friday, Jan. 23: "3 Bands and a Baby" house show (Murfreesboro): The Middlemen, Blastoids & Moonlight Bride - @ Scotty's Basement (Ewing St.), 9 pm

Saturday, Jan. 24: Los Campesinos!- Grimey's Instore: 2pm/ Full show: Exit-In

Friday Jan. 30: Lucero- Mercy Lounge// YCAC all ages show: We Were The States, The Lake and Kindergarten Circus @ The Vine (Mufreesboro: fundraiser for YCAC. Give them your money.)

Saturday Jan. 31: Lucero- Mercy Lounge

Friday Feb. 6: The Basement 4th Anniversary party: Howlies, Those Darlins, DangerBear, Ricky Young & TBA (FREE!!)// The Features- Mercy Lounge

Friday Feb. 13: Meemaw, The Tits, The Fork Hunts- The End

Saturday Feb. 14: Dr. Dog, Drug Rug - Mercy Lounge// Grimey's Instore- Drug Rug -5 pm

Check out the shows, support local and touring bands, let me know if there's anything important I missed & keep an eye out for some more reviews and photos coming soon [inbetween Shakespeare & british lit, that is!).

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kayley said...

sounds like there's a lot of fun shows taking place in nash vegas & the boro!!

good luck with brit lit. i am dropping my modern british novel class this semester. it will kick my ass if i don't get out now!