Wednesday, February 11, 2009

House Pride, Murfreesboro

House shows come and go on my radar all the time, many factors playing a role in actually attending them (and by that I mean I make it out a lot fewer than I would like)- yet after the other nite, I've found a spot I will be making it to plenty more times.
The guys in Zombie Bazooka Patrol just moved into a new house in the Boro (previously the Go Show's house), the new House Pride. It comes complete with a stage, killer tree house, huge yard and a location with less likely hood cops will break up shows.

Monday nite the house was christened with a smaller acoustic night, Cody Blaine and Kent Goolsby (of Ribbonpigeon) along with two other traveling acts playing short sets. After the sets were over, most of the people who were in attendance for the show skirted outside to the unseasonably warm February nite around a bonfire. If all shows ended with a bonfire, just talking to all kinds of people you know & don't know til you start chatting, the world would be one amazing place (until then it's pretty nice, though).

This Friday there's another show over there, featuring the Zombie boys, The Middlemen & Today the Sun, Tomorrow the Moon [Atl, I do believe]. Alas, check out the flyer, come out to House Pride, have a good time & help the local scene continue growing.

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