Monday, February 9, 2009

More Dance Parties!

1) Left Can Dance :Just dug up on the internet: Left Can Dance is djing at Aerial on Feb. 27th at a Happy Valley party... that's all it says, but you can see it for yourself at the LCD myspace

Also found a video of the Robot Rock II Left Can Dance party at the End a few weeks's mainly an interview with the folks that run it and doesn't feature me dancing stupidly (thankfully).

Check it out at NashvilleCream.

2) Jensen Sportag, Fly Golden Eagle, Make-up and Vanity Set & Fan Fiction: Performing at Mercy Lounge Wed. Feb. 18th. It is hump day, but that doesn't mean you have to take a break from dancing...given the line up it will definitely be worth the trip up to Nashville- plus it's cheap! Only $2 for 21+. More info on the facebook event.

3) The 5 Spot Monday Nite Parties: If anyone knows me at all, they will know how much I LOVE the 5 Spot- it has inspired me to move to East Nashville at some point [next summer if my life went ideally]. It's just a nice, cozy venue with awesome people who don't ever seem to look down on people, moreso just smile at them invitingly (seriously, one nite this guy just smiled at me and didn't give me the "what are you doing here?" look). Every Monday nite they have dance parties & I hear they're getting pretty big these days...I've yet to get up there for one, but any place I can run into some friends who moved out of the Boro & where they play songs I actually own inbetween bands (not crap, that is), plus see awesome bands and shake my booty, that's my place.

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