Monday, February 9, 2009

Songs of Spring

Thanks to global warming & some not so usual weather effects, middle TN is experiencing a gorgeous stint of weather (case in point: today's high is 70!). I hear it's supposed to rain some tomorrow, but after riding around, windows down, tunes turned up yesterday, I got to thinking of spring/summer songs.

We only rode out to the Cracker Barrel across town, but the trip rocking out to the Protomen and all their epicness made me want to really hit the road and enjoy all that nature & the pavement have to offer together. Alas, here's some of the folks I have a feeling will be dominating the stereo & ipod during the warmer months:

1) Vampire Weekend: They just make me think of beach, happiness, sun and fun.

2) Matt & Kim: They exude happiness, sunshine & make me dance. I mean, the single off the latest record is called "Daylight" and opens with the words:

"We cut the legs off of our pants

Threw our shoes into the ocean

Sit back and wave through the daylight"

3) Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele: Light, airy, springy & includes a song titled"Meet me in the Garden". Plus he's just adorable and the album art whips me into a vintage spring afternoon mood...

4)MGMT- I might be late to jumping on this train, but I'm alright with that. Mainly the possibility of seeing them at Bonnaroo & the fact I came into the song "Kids" after the rest of the world played it out, I like what they're going for (minus the totally shtick of the tribal paint deal).

5)Ribbonpigeon- The boys have a new record coming out via the interwebs, for free, fairly soon. They recorded it up at Grand Palace here in Murfreesboro & I have a feeling it's going to be another really good release for windows down, driving around. More info when it is posted...

What are your summer artists/songs? Hope the sun comes out & warms you wherever you are!


Chris Freeman said...

The picture of Matt and Kim falling off the Brooklyn Bridge is my new favorite band picture ever!

It was in the free weekly here last week and totally blew my mind.

J Anne Photography said...

I def. nabbed one of the posters of it when they played exit in, so it's right by my bed. =)

[not meant to be as creepy as that sounded... ]

CB said...

I can't listen to Vampire Weekend without thinking about summer. I think the musical stylings of Carleigh Holley also make for great listening in warmer weather. Hot fun in the summer time.