Saturday, February 7, 2009

How I Became the Bomb [comings/goings/videos/records]

After seeing some videos on youtube, the guys in How I Became the Bomb have been on my mind again. Forget the fact that they've released 2 eps in the last 6 months to the internet for free [the newest installment hitting the pages of the interwebs at the Ides of March], I was thoroughly entertained by a video of them at a festival in Madrid from 2007. That's not really the news that matters though, so just check it out here.

(photo yanked from the band's site)

More recently, it came to light that everyone's favorite curly coiffed guitarist is leaving the band, a replacement on their way asap but I have a completely different concern: that photo right behind Denis.

Yes, you might have to look closely, but it's there. Everytime I've seen the band around Murfreesboro/Nashville it has been there and I am concerned that I may never get to see it again.

However trivial that is, I know I am not the only one with this thought, so here's to hoping if the photo does indeed go something else comes to take its place with the new guitarist.

And for making it through what might be deemed an unnecessary post [which I find to be totally necessary], check out their newest video for "Mothership" HERE (sorry my linking/html/blogspot skills are lacking...I'm working on this).

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