Friday, February 6, 2009

Kid Chicago [Nashville Dance]

Kid Chicago is a dj duo from Nashville & they know what's up. Granted, I am a little biased in knowing one half of the venture, but the mixes they post to their blog make it impossible to stand still and that is the calling card of a good dj [I highly suggest going back to January's mix. It's great for an hour long car ride]. They were part of a dance party that went down a week or so ago and I hear it was a sweet time [it's awesome being sick when good things are going down] and there's another shindig happening on Valentine's day. Personally, I think that it sounds like a good anti-vday party just for the fact of a kissing booth & free break ups. Good times.

So if you like to dance, make sure to come out for that one at Little Hamilton in can get a little more of a feel for these folks via their myspace.

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