Monday, March 16, 2009

The Only Sons "Steel Hearts" Review

**EDIT: The band has changed their name to The Only Sons (from Ribbonpigeon), in concurrence with a physical release of this record. Hopefully that clears up any possible confusion.**

It's the way bands should always make albums: record one sounds similar to record two, yet record two isn't quite the same as the first, growth is visible but the band still sounds the same. "Steel Hearts" achieves this with ease.

Genre-wise, it's still safe to call the band an Alt-country act but there's more obvious rock influences, from the guitar on some of the songs and a Springsteen-esqe quality more recognizable in singer Kent Goolsby's vocals. The 12 tracks flow well through the entire record, with even catchier lyrics this time around and an overall more upbeat tone. Don't get me wrong, Mr. Goolsby still gets his harmonica and slower song in on the record, songs like "Stranger Here Myself" & "Taking Your Time with My Love", but overall the release is one for rocking out by yourself or could very easily be my personal "hanging out on porches" soundtrack for the upcoming spring and summer nites here in Murfreesboro.

The band's touring all over [including a ton of shows locally], with a lot more road to be covered this summer, I'm sure. You can check out their myspace or go straight to the source to get download your copy and then pass it around to your friends. Try listening to the closing track, "We Will Get By", and not have to take another listen...

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