Friday, April 3, 2009

Renaming Ribbonpigeon & Cuttlefish shows

(way old photo nabbed from myspace)

Heads up: the band formerly known as Ribbonpigeon has a new name: The Only Sons. According to the myspace blog about it, Kent has this to say:

"So we adopted the name THE ONLY SONS. Makes more sense to me, seein' as we are all only sons. I've got a half-brother back in Putnam County but he won't mind. I asked him. Sophomore Lounge Records is putting out STEEL HEARTS in June with the new name attached to it. I believe there's a good chance Young Lungs will be pressed around that same time our new name. Doesn't get any easier than that. Besides that uh, new merch, new website ( and bunch of other stuff coming down the rails, along with more tour dates in May and beyond. It's looking good."

They've got a show at the Boro with the Bohannons this Saturday and an all ages YEAH show at the Vine on Friday of next week, April 10th [more info about YEAH can be found at their website. Check out what they do. It's one of the groups I fully support and volunteer my time to]. As always, if you haven't downloaded the Only Sons (going to have to get used to that one..) record for free from their website, do it before it gets taken down and you have to pay to give it a listen...(you can find my review of the record here).

Also, as a last minute plug, Cuttlefish, The Avery Set & Heartbeater are playing at the Boro this evening (Friday). It's a free show, so check out what they've got to offer.

One of the other Cuttlefish shows coming up is at Springwater in Nashville, with Slithering Beast & Hammertorch next weekend (April 11th), so you have no excuse to miss all of these guys play when it's all said and done.

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