Friday, May 1, 2009

Getting by with a little help from your friends...

Last week there were a few carjackings in Nashville & turns out that two of the guys who are crucial to Grand Palace screenprinting/records/etc. & the overall music scene in Murfreesboro were caught up in this spree. They both wound up with injuries, alas the medical bills are now ensuing and GP guy Andrew Jacks has sent around the following memo if you want to help out these awesome guys:

Chuck and James, my friends who were shot in the attempted carjacking last week, are in need of financial help to cover their medical bills. You can help. Go to, click on send money and enter the email address
They are both severely hampered in their ability to work at this time. Forward this to friends and give whatever you can afford. Every little bit helps. There will also be a benefit show soon, keep an eye out for that.
Channel 4 Nashville story about the carjacking

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