Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moustache May

Photo Credit: artvandelay

Before hitting the Shakespeare paper and studying, wanted to make sure everyone knows about the Moustache May website. Mr. Michael Eades who runs yewknee & also is part of we own this town has the site up and running for gents {and ladies if they so wished and harnessed the power to grow said moustache} to boast about what's above their lip through out the month. The site has theme days in which the guys can participate in, such as show us your work [place, that is], formal friday and more. As to not condone cheating, registration was cut off slightly before May 2nd hit and the boys are going strong thus far.

Alas, seeing as today is Cinco de Mayo, some of the guys went all out on the theme and deserve being seen somewhere besides the main website...

Photo Credit: chadmcclarnon

Photo Credit: Burney

There's plenty more of where these came from, so check out the website and get to know the moustaches near and far.

[And I vote the artvandelay for moustache mayor tomorrow, Mr. Eades]

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