Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Delicious Show/EP Review

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The Delicious

Show Thoughts/"Postcard to my Sewing Circle" EP Review

Touring bands
can be hit or miss sometimes- and let's face it, sometimes at a house show you just want to talk to your friends instead of giving a new band a chance (don't lie to yourself, we all have those nites).

Last weekend was thankfully not one of those weekends for me. Before too many people showed up at House Pride, here in Murfreesboro, one of the guys from the Delicious introduced himself and I went on to meet all of the other guys in the band. When I asked them if I could dance to their tunes, one of them told me I would indeed dance, then they would change the beat up on me.

Well, it's been proven before, if I can dance to it, I'm in.

I was glad to be in, too. The boys from Bloomington put on a fun set, giving what htey had promised- danceable with some change ups in the songs (that totally worked).

Listening to the band's 2008 EP, "Postcards to my Sewing Circle", I'm once again glad to have taken notice to the tunes. The EP opens with "Hokusai" and Dave Woodruff's vocals that bring to mind a certain "emo glasses" wearing and "El Scorcho" singing dude (yes, Rivers Cuomo).

The other 4 tracks on the EP carry out the smart pop rock feel, bringing to mind the previously noted Rivers/Weezer comparison, plus a very visible link to bands like the Format; they always seem to get their songs stuck in your head. The lyrics also bring to mind Athens, GA band Russian Spy Camera, using a more obscure style of language, but nothing intimidating (Example from track 3, "Cryptozoological Allstars": "They're clawing their John Hancocks into grainy half toned photo transfers taken from blurry super eight film stills/ No, don't put it past them"). That being said, the lyrics compliment the music in the best way possible.

Seeing as this is just an EP and I haven't heard the band's full length, the one beef I have with the EP's lack of full out instrumentation. After seeing them live, the boys made it very clear that they know their instruments well and it's not put in the forefront as much on the 5 songs. This is especially noticed in the fact that keyboardist Matt Romy isn't heard from as much and his playing was one of the things that I really dug, seeing them as somewhat of a curveball from a typical pop-rock sound.

Alas, seeing as this is my only complaint about the work, I have to say that's not too shabby. These guys know how to put on a fun show that's comfortable enough to things you already know but with a twist- give them a listen at their myspace and find out even more about the band (including how to buy their records) at the Joyful Noise recordings site.

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