Monday, May 25, 2009

Bonnaroo Preview

2009 Bonnaroo Preview
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Want to know who's playing where at Bonnaroo when? Check out Janet's newest blog project, Out The Other previewing every, yes EVERY artist that is playing this year.

Janet's rallied the troops and gotten some guest writers (including my flattered self) to give the artists a spin and tell the world what they're about before they hit the festival gates. Other awesome folks throughout Nashville are contributing to the list, such as Seth Graves from Nashville Cream & Lance Conzett, Belmont newspaper aficionado and photographer extraordinaire. You can check out the full run down here, including mp3s from the artists.

And I have to throw in a little plug for the article on Those Darlins, seeing as I would have never thought I'd see my writing on a blog that was represented on the SXSW panel this year (and we all know that's some fancy stuff).

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