Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Next Big Nashville Picks : Wednesday

Caitlin Rose

The opening day of Next Big Nashville is upon us and all I know is it's about to get crazy. 

The main action, I'm thinking for the night, is the Phosphorescent, Alberta Cross & Caitlin Rose show. It's going down at the End at 8 (check the NBN schedule to plan your weekend and see specific set times).  It's $10 at the door if you don't have a wristband for the festival already and I suggest if this is the case that you a) go ahead and buy a wristband or atleast b) get there early because- come on, you know how small the End is (tiny) and it's a big deal show.

If you haven't heard much about Phosphorescent, he's a solo artist who tours with a full band (from what I've been gathering) and recorded an album of Willie Nelson covers that I can't seem to quit hearing good things about. 

Pair that with Caitlin Rose and her old school country approach to songs, that have a good heaping of pop influence (in a good way, nonetheless). Let's put it this way: if you live in the Nashville area and haven't heard of this girl, check out her tunes and check out a live show. She's a talented one.

So, I hope to see you out at the End or that you atleast make it out to some of the other awesome events going on at NBN, including the Ten Out Of Tenn show which should also warrant a good time with so many talented folks getting involved.  Take Wednesday to ease into the madness that is NBN, get warmed up and get really ready to go on Thursday, with the panels, tons of shows and extra awesomeness that is NBN.

Stay tuned for the Thursday edition of my suggestions and be safe out there, folks.

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