Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NBN Scavenger Hunt

    So it's that time of year again- ahhh yes, the age old questions to ponder: Will the shuttle show up already? Do I really want to leave my spot up front to go pee? Is it really possible to make it from Exit-In to Mercy Lounge in the 10 minutes inbetween these two bands?

    This is my third NBN, second that I can legally get into all of the venues and first with a VIP pass, also my first hitching a ride between venues with the shuttles the fest has for folks who have wristbands, so it's much more intense this year.  Due to this mobility and possible not trekking all the way back to Murfreesboro every night, I've decided to embark on a game for the duration of the festival: a scavenger hunt.  I'll be taking photos of what I see, when possible, and will be sure to report on said findings when no photo is available.

   Also, it is important to note that this game is presented in honor of the folks over at Nashvillest, an awesome local blog, and their "CMApocalypse Bingo" that's been two years running now.  Thanks for the inspiration, ladies.

   Now- onto the list...feel free to play along and let me know if you witness something that I might happen to miss....

1)Sparkly leggings, worn as pants (not worn by a member of a band)

2) College kids killing a party's free buffet and booze, due to the cheap student discount on VIP passes

3) Anyone, anywhere dressed in a bear, gumby or other random furry suit

4) Someone in a dark venue, trying to read an NBN guide, by cellphone

5) Overhearing someone asking a shuttledriver if it goes to the 5 Spot (it doesn't)

6) Someone with a notepad, feverishly scribbling notes, who doesn't have a southern accent

7) Hey Penny in costume before playing their set (See their Vimeo page for instructions on how to participate in their show Saturday night)

8) Mas Tacos truck somewhere not on the east side (crossing my fingers for this one)

9) Spotting 4 or more Nashville Cream writeres at a non-Nashville Scene party together

10) 10+ people smoking outside of Exit In, at one time

11) Someone just wasted, sprawled out in the middle of foot traffic in a venue or outside

12) Seeing someone you don't know but wind up recognizing by the end of  3 of the 4 nights

(More to come after I get a chance to get out and see what all's going on...I'm sure there's plenty of stories to tell.)

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