Thursday, October 8, 2009

NBN: Wednesday Review/Thursday Preview

Wednesday Review
Night one was a slower start to get acclimated to what is NBN, which was totally cool with me.  No show hopping was done by this party, seeing as the End was a good place to be. 

After getting stuck on I24, with traffic down to one lane, I arrived to catch pretty much all of Caitlin Rose's set and I have to say she owned that crowd. Post Cailtin, a lot of the night was spent talking to people (meaning Alberta Cross' set was heard from outside. Not a bad feel to it, though), until Phosphorescent came on.

They had the hype, they lived up to it; this band is one to see.  They had somewhat of an ethereal sound to their longer songs, but they still rocked with them.  My favorite moment (before cutting out early and being told later I missed the Willie Nelson covers) was on a particular song that was probably 7 or so minutes long, played out really soft, then went into loud noise and controlled chaos. Love it. This band is the next big thing, I can tell.

Thursday Night Preview

   Tonite looks like the Elliston is going to be my area again.  Exit In has a sweet show lined up including headliner David Vandervlede, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Shoot the Mountian and the Dexateens which is catching my eye, plus the chance to run across the street at any sign of boredom to the End  to check out folks like El Cantador and Futurebirds. 

On the east side, Foobar has one nite of music going on with the likes of Cheer Up Charlie Daniels, Happy Birthday Amy and Umbrella Tree. It is on the other side of the world, in relation to the rest of the fest, but I could very easily be swayed to take a trek over and check out these more up and coming bands.

The afterparty tonite is a Mashville party (hip hop/etc.) that sounds like a pretty fun time, but if I were you, I'd save up the afterpartyign til tomorrow when Electric Western (the creators and weekly hosts of the Keep on Moving dance party at the 5 Spot- I'll surely ramble about that some more at another point).

Regardless, be safe, have fun, keep an eye out for the scavenger hunt and let me know if anything's really awesome that I have missed.

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