Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Time to Shake It Up!

Hello from Conglomeration Fabrication! It’s been a while but I, Jenny, am back and (perhaps) even better than before!

(One of the engagement shoot photos that are amazing, I must say.)

Much has happened since I last posted on New Year’s Eve going into 2010- I finished my undergraduate and graduate degrees (masters in special education woo!), have been working a happy job in the local school system as an assistant & even found the love of my life, which has lead me to create this current incarnation of this blog.

(WDW trip, Jan. 2013)

Having met Losson & knowing that we’ve been brought together for a reason, we are currently (well, moreso me, my mom & his mom) planning for a simple DIY wedding next June & also starting to horde collect items to put in our future apartment together. Of course, my Suzy Homemaker gene is kicking into overdrive & I can’t wait til it’s time to move in, get a home set up & really start our life together.  

(Did I mention he proposed in front of Cinderella's Castle, & more importantly, the Partners Statue of Walt & Mickey?)

Realizing we have so much going on & I’m working so much for these future events & projects, I’ve decided to try & take on this blogging thing again.  Previously, the format of Conglom Fab was music and the scene I was in during my undergraduate years in Murfreesboro (man, were they fun), yet when trying to think of a new blog name, Conglomeration Fabrication still just stuck. I feel like it describes a bit of anything & everything curated together, and, well, this blog is still covering anything & everything, just the updated version from my current life.

That being said, I look forward to filling these blog pages with DIY projects, interior design, wedding craziness & honeymoon planning, weekend adventures, things I love, trying to make myself get in the habit of exercising, people I love, & maybe even a post or two about how my attempts at budgeting paychecks are going. Basically, I’ll be covering life & the attempts to get it really moving & shaking at the age of 27.

Thanks for coming by & starting back on the journey with me!


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