Thursday, October 16, 2014

Three Tips to Find Free Money

“Nothing is ever really free”, I’m sure it’s been said many times over. However, if things aren’t free, they can atleast be found for cheap sometimes.

Yeah, I found this pic & doctored it...who doesn't love money for TP?

In preparing for a wedding, transitioning to an apartment in a few months & having a life that is no longer solely focused on myself, I’ve been on the hunt for ways to get a few extra bucks here & there. Believe it or not, there were a few. Some methods you may consider as slightly out there, but having worked some of them for quite a while, I feel confident in sharing them & perhaps helping you make a little extra bank.  

(Full disclosure: I get nothing monetary from anyone about this post. Just so you know.)

1. Surveys on Valued Opinions: I have found Valued Opinions to be a great website to take surveys through and earn gift cards with. A friend introduced me to the site in college & I have gained many amazon gift cards through the past few years.  The site works simply- you sign up, fill in some demographic information & the site will automatically send you emails when you have an available survey. Each survey varies in the value, but generally for every ten minutes it’s predicted to take, you earn $1 in credit. Once you reach $20 or more in credits, you can start looking at rewards, such as a $20 Amazon gift card, $20 Visa gift card, etc. The cards are sent through email so you usually get them pretty quickly (within a few minutes of redeeming on the website). Even though the Amazon gift card requires a little more credits for the gift card- 22 in credit for a $20 card- it’s been a major help in ordering Christmas and birthday gifts for family & friends, along with a great way to find new music & purchasing it through the Amazon music store.  
At this point, I’m almost to $40 towards a Visa gift card, which I’m going to keep adding to & put towards our honeymoon when it needs to be paid off. Take a few minutes a day or every other day or so & you can start racking up credits pretty quickly.

Mickey Money = the best reward money
2.  Disney Visa Cards: As a Dis nerd, you would probably guess that I do indeed have a Disney Visa Card. Besides the cute Mickey Mouse that’s on the card that starts conversations when I shop with it, the card gives you 1% back on your purchases for use on Disney trips & swag (the card with a yearly fee has 2% back). As a Visa card holder, there are discounts in certain stores (Disney Stores included), some restaurants on Disney properties & most of the Disney resort discounts are released to card holders a few days in advance of general public. Did I mention they have also have a special meet & greet for cardholders only, in Disney World & Disneyland, where they give you the actual 5x7 of the print (hello, $15 photo)?  And if you’re lucky when you apply, sometimes you can get the offer of a free $50 gift card once you begin using the card.  
Last time we visited the parks, between the $50 sign up gift card & a $20 reward credit, we had an extra $70 to spend on our trip. I’m up to $15 back currently & looking forward to some good reward credit, especially since we’ll be putting much of our trip on the card & then paying it right off. If you are a Disney fan & like traveling to the parks, I highly suggest this card.

This isn't my jar, but mine is similar- this one I found here
3. Collecting Change:  This may not be free, persay, but hear me out. By using more cash recently & collecting all the loose change that comes along, there’s been almost $30 added to the money being saved for the honeymoon. This process may be slow, but it’s worth it in the long run- I figure we’ll be close enough $100 by the honeymoon & with a bank that has a change counting machine for free use, it’s a great way to save. Did I mention using a cute jar also helps decorate a room?

I know there are many more ways folks can find some free money in life- do you have any suggestions? I’m always open to them & I'm sure any other folks would love to hear your ideas as well. 


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