Monday, October 13, 2014

Quick Guide: Top 5 Disney Blogs

I will make a promise before this post gets too far: I promise this will not become a 100% Disney blog.  

That being said, you may recall in my catch up post, I mentioned becoming a huge Dis nerd in the last year or two.  This nerdiness encompasses the history of the company, parks, & films, the specific worlds created through various art styles & music- I love it all, especially the tiny details.

Knowing this love, if may not surprise you to find out that one of my favorite things is planning a trip to Walt Disney World.  I’m sure it won’t be too surprising to find out that Losson & I are visiting Mickey (and Rapunzel!) for our honeymoon next summer & (coincidentally - not really, totally planned- ) for my birthday.

This will be our third trip to the parks as a couple (Loss proposed in the Magic Kingdom- that story will for sure be coming soon) & I’ve spent much time researching online, asking many random questions to the Disney resort line & conferring with others who have been to WDW more recently. Oh, and I may have 8 or 10 Pinterest boards on the different parks, foods, attractions, films & characters.

That being said, I’m not going to outline trip planning for you; I simply want to share some sources I look to often when planning & also keeping up to speed on what’s currently is going on in the parks.

  1. The Disney Parks Blog: This is the only official site I tend to read, but with good reason.  Besides the updates of blogger meet ups & other events I wish I could attend, this blog has sections for all of the parks around the world, written by folks who run the Disney world. While being official means no rumors or secondhand news, these folks do sweet run downs of new merchandise, events coming up, holiday coverage & more. Every now & then they also do a give away or two, so it is definitely a blog to follow, especially via twitter- I’ve got a Festival of Fantasy promo poster I need to frame that proves that fact. 

    2.  The Dis: Even though the name is short, this website is nothing short of amazing. Pete and his amazing crew run this site, forums, & (video) podcasts, keeping up with the everyday updates, rumors & changes at Disney World, Disneyland & all the facets that the company owns in between. These guys keep up to date lists of refurbishments in the parks, menus, photos & reviews on the site, all unofficial & unbiased. My weekly podcast list is never complete without watching the Disney World edition of the video podcast & listening to the Disneyland edition. Both shows have an awesome team of folks on board & after spending the time with them, I can't help but feel like we're almost friends at this point. 

    All that gushing aside, the Dis is the perfect one stop shop for all your online Disney needs.

    3. Disney Food Blog: One of my favorite things at Disney is the fact I get to be a foodie. Menus and restaurants are always changing, so this site is a good way to keep abreast of the new goodies to check out for the next trip. besides that, their facebook updates are great & I'm a fan. Well, I'm only sorta a fan of drooling over my computer when they share all the great photos of the treats from all the parks. If you want to know what to eat at Disney World, check this place out. 

    4. Disney Tourist Blog: Tom Bricker's Disney website may be the most gorgeous thing that's parks related on the interwebs. He focuses much of the blog on travel guides to the different parks around the world, has plenty photos of castles & his adorable wife Sarah (If the engagement post doesn't make you cry, you have no soul) & special events going on around the world. Besides the great tips on manuevering the parks & having gorgeous photos to look at, the blog has plenty of awesome tips for photogs in the parks themselves. In my opinion, learning the secrets of a guy who's great at his trade is a pretty awesome thing. Even if you aren't planning a trip, go check out the gorgeous photos. Trust me.  

    5. Kenny The Pirate: This one is simple: if you like character meet and greets, Kenny is your guy. He consistently updates the site, has maps of locations, specific times, tips for finding obscure characters- and did I mention he also has an app? My favorite thing I've found on Kenny's site has to be the list of things to say & do for even more fun interactions with the characters. It was pretty fun getting to compare notes on cats with Goofy- you know he has a cat named Waffles, right? (Full disclosure: I just spent 15 minutes perusing the website. So good.)

    Do you have any blogs that are your go-tos for the world of Disney? I'm always looking for new reading material & would love to check out some new sites.


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That's definitely another good one....there are so many out there I picked the few that I follow closest currently. I'm sure there will probably be plenty more posts on the topic. Thanks for the feedback!