Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Break Goals: How Did it Go?

 This week off from work wound up being not quite what I had planned, but it worked out even better than I had predicted.So how did my goals work out? Pretty well, I must say.

1) Hanging out with my mom                                    Result: So Accomplished!

Myself, Granny & Mom

It worked out that my Uncle Jerry (Mom's forever bachelor, only sibling) needed to have his gall bladder taken out early in the week, so I jumped on the train up to keep Granny company while Mom held down the fort on surgery day with Jerry.

The whole 3+ hour drive down, Mom and I discussed reception plans, ceremony shoes & more. While Jerry was in the hospital, simply waiting for the surgery to happen, us three ladies got to hang out & do a little shopping together which was an extra fun thing I had not planned but am so blessed we got to do. Definitely one of the best unplanned half of a week a girl could have.

Uncle Jerry & Granny, not long after he go back from the hospital
2) Work on Wedding Stuff                                 Result: Check Some of It Off the List
 Losson & I met with the photographer finally & I got a notebook going for all of our details finally. And then my mother asked if I was planning on using all of the ink in the printer...I didn't use the whole thing...yet. It feels good to finally get things written down on paper.

I'm pretending to really be organized!
3)  Exercising & Eating Healthier                         Result: ...Eh....

My granny is an amazing cook. I asked her to make a cake. Mom and I got to walk a day or two. You can imagine how things went with this.

4) Sleeping a Lot                                                    Result: Oh Yes I Did.

There's no photographic proof of this, but oh buddy, did I ever sleep in. Even until 11:30 one morning. It was beautiful. Naps have been had. I will miss them when I go back to work tomorrow, I am sure.

5) Gilmore Girls Binge Watching     Result: Season 2, Episode 11 is where I'm at 

"The Bracebridge Dinner" Episode...oh the feels!
 Saturday was Gilmore Girls viewing day, 9 AM- 11 PM, with a few snacks & a DIY project while watching happened.  It was a beautiful day & I even dreamed of Stars Hollow that night.

6) Time Spent with Losson                                   Result: Had a Great Time!

Loss & I had an awesome date night the first Friday of Fall Break & spent most of Friday together as well. I have to admit that I missed him some while I was out of town, but getting to spend some sweet time together makes me a happy girl. I sure do love my time with him.

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Dee said...

that pic of you guys is adorbs. I think I may start a gilmore girls binge tonight myself.