Friday, October 3, 2014

Goals for Fall Break

Oh, that glorious time of the year is here- Fall Break! Working in the local school system, we get an entire week off to refresh, re-energize & help us make it through the year. As you can tell, I am one who is highly supportive of this week off & am looking forward to being super productive (or atleast sincerely wanting to be!).  

With so much going on right now in life, it would be a shame for me to waste this precious time, particularly since I tend to be more productive when I’m on a limited schedule (funny how that works, huh?) . That being said, I figured I’d share some of my to do list for the break & later on post how I actually did with it. Knowing you guys will see it might (hopefully) make me more accountable & will make me think a little more about what I’m doing (or not).  So here are some of the areas I’m wanting to address with my time off....

(Mom & I during the scavenger hunt to the my engagement at Disney World)
  1. Hanging out with my mom is on the top of my list. She’s going to be involved in point 2 & 3, I’m sure & I’ll be glad to get some time together. Even though I still happen to live at home, life can get so busy that I barely see my parents, so some quality time will be nice. 

(My wedding Pinterest of a few...)
  1. Wedding planning is number 2 on the list, mainly for my sanity. As much as I can get accomplished this fall is great, as it won’t be on the docket to do come next May when life is extra crazy, a few weeks before the ceremony. My goals for this week include booking a photographer, looking at the budget some more & fully wrapping my head around all of the ideas I want to implement (especially DIYs) & making a list of supplies, quantity, etc. 

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  1. Working out- ugh.This is obviously not my favorite thing & I’m having a hard time making myself fully get into the habit of it. This is clearly a problem, seeing as my wedding dress is currently too small & I proclaimed that I could get into it for the wedding no problem. Well, it might be a problem- atleast it is for me right now. I’ve always had a hard time with exercising & weight & really liking food, so this is something I need to seriously attack right now & get situated in before I turn the next corner into life in an apartment & with Losson.  This will definitely be something I’m sure I cover more on here in the future & would be truly greatful if you offered me any advice on.

(My fall break to a T.)

  1. Sleep. I like naps & my favorite moment of the day is when you lay down to go to bed in that first moment; your muscles relax & even the most uncomfortable mattress gives you a feeling of being able to rest, away from the world. Frankly, this makes me very happy & one of my fave things to do on a lazy Saturday, after a busy week, is lay in bed for a while after I wake up, perhaps with a cup of coffee & my ipad & some chill music, just relaxing….ahh so nice.
         Of course, noting how little time a week can be if you let it just fly by & do nothing, it’s going to be important to get my rest but also make sure to take the time to wake up before it’s too crazy late (I mainly allow waking up at noon on Saturdays, perhaps once a month). So the motto for Fall Break is “Sleep but get stuff done!”.

(Now that's some great bantering & lady power!)
  1. There’s one more thing I am planning on indulging in for this gorgeous week of off time in the fall: binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix!  I started my watching last night & clipped off the first 4 episodes, leaving 6 seasons & 16 episodes left. GG was one of my favorite shows when it originally aired & then also aired on ABC Family for a while as well. I love the relationships that the show explored & can’t wait to revisit those years in Stars Hollow, particularity the latter seasons where I did not get the opportunity to watch as much, so my recollection of the show becomes somewhat spotty. 

(We both really like the fall)
  1. Losson is not on fall break with school, yet a goal of mine is to have a date night or two. We tend to usually watch Sci-Fi Saturday Night on ME-TV & enjoy our weekly dose of Batman (1966 version), WonderWoman & Star Trek (original, of course), but I’m looking forward to a date that I’ve been promised on Sunday afternoon to check out a yummy restaurant downtown & maybe even something else fun along the way. Regardless, Loss works a lot at work & also on school & I know it’s for our future but it would be nice to get to have fun one day, during the day, and enjoy our time together that we normally do not have.

         If you need me next week, look for me doing one of these things (well, if I’m sleeping, just wait til I wake up). I’ll report back & share how I did on on making things happen during the week….I can almost guarantee some extra hours of sleep & Gilmore Girls will be happening, as will hopefully some extra miles logged walking/jogging.

        Thanks for stopping by & feel free to comment with any advice or suggestions on how to get these things done- it’s all definitely appreciated!


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