Monday, March 31, 2008

Blog Round Up

I admittedly have too many blogs on my RSS feed- from news sources (Pitchfork, Seterogum- yes, music news) to lolcatz.
In this feature I'm adopting, I'll throw out some blogs that you might want to check out and give a few reasons why you might want to.


Mr. Internet Personality himself (see: his homepage and DJ Reggie and other interesting monikers) is at it again.

He began "fickleblogging", in the words of Pitchfork, a few weeks back, eventually naming the tumblr blog "Foggy".

With multiple posts daily, including quotes, iphoto self portraits and videos of Sunday afternoons on the town and of stuffed animals that upload videos while he's "out shopping at Marc Jacobs", it stands to be an interesting find.

The most interesting aspect of Mr. Adams' work is the notion of the entries on the said blog, it's not very clear on whether they are actual thoughts or random fictitious ramblings from good ole D. R. himself.

Mr. Adams, Warhol stripes & all

Of course, in this world of fickleblogging, the unknown end was due to come before long, and at this point, it has. I woke up this morning to find farewell posts on the blog, making the morning a little bit sadder for me. In his leaving, though, yet another video has been posted and it's a pretty good song. Made me almost forgive the craziness of D.R. (as I now prefer to call him).

Of course, the image of the Declaration of Independence is...random.

Anyways, if you dig the sound of his work, check out this video and check out what's left of the know it could, literally, all be gone tomorrow...

CROSSED-OUT NAME from Ryan Adams on Vimeo.

And next time, hopefully I won't catch the end of a blog, as opposed to when it just starts. So is life, I guess...

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