Monday, March 17, 2008

SXSW: as seen from TN

My thoughts on what I read/saw, via "the blogs"

-I will give Pitchfork props on the photos, particularly the amount of them
[Pitchfork's Culmination of SXSW coverage]

-Nashville Cream- Not as in depth as Pitchfork, but much more entertaining. SXSW without a badge as expereinced by free food and drink taking, couch hopping Seth con Queso is quite entertaining. I'm looking for a wrap up after he recovers.

-Speaking of Nashvillites, The Nobility posted some nice photos on their flickr.

I vote the photo of Caitlin Rose, from their page, pretty much the most adorable thing ever:

-I was suprised to not hear a huge huge fuss about Vampire Weekend. Maybe they're running down a little bit...? I read around that their set was good, but not the hype like has been going on as of late.

-Jens Lekman, the previously mentioned Vampire Weekend, My Morning Jacket, Bon Iver, etc. all have sets on NPR. The party was in conjunction with other stations/independent outlets, such as KEXP and a few other folks. I'm not sure if they're downloadable yet, but I have listened to Jens and part of VW and it was pretty good stuff, great sound. NPR is one of the best sites I know of for live sets, regardless what time of year it is.

- Surprisingly enough, some of the band I would have thought to draw a crowd/press only garnered a little bit of coverage, from what I have seen so far. Some of these bands are Los Campesinos!, No Kids [who I got back into after seeing a few photos and reading a short paragraph on some blog. They're quite eclectic and cover a lot of territory..just check it out.], Okkervil River, etc.

- Bands with profanity in their names, guess they're in this season..

-I can't find the source or the quote, but there was a thought that if you are able to ever see Moby and Justice play a party in a warehouse, go. Personally, if I could ever go to a Justice party, I'd be a pretty happy camper for a while.

-I'm going to hold out on the bands that seem to have gained the most hype due to playing the festival. It's too early to say, at this distance from the actual shows.

And I have to say, I was hating on SXSW but I'll admit it- I deep down wanted to go. And we can call that most of the reason I was hating.

Just don't tell anyone I admitted to that...

Have any thoughts on Austin and their little gathering of artists, journalists and music lovers? Let's compare notes...

Have a great one!


And yes. the Wilco show review is still on its way. I'm trying to get it together to use for a short paper in my art appreciation class, too. I've just gotta sit down and write down what's floating around my head...

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