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The Features & some awesome opportunities

The Features

(taken by Tom Burns, via the band's myspace)

I will freely admit these days the bulk of tunes I listen to these days can easily be grouped as "pop music". Give me a band with a good hook or groove in their tunes and I'm hooked.

The Features are one of these bands that easily won me over. Besides the fact they are Murfreesboro based (tough this has been debated) and that does make me a little bit biased, their albums and live show are some of my favorites- ever.

Even though I entered into the realm of the Features fandom well after the release of "Exhibit A" and missed the first chunk of their career (stories of the Red Rose and something to do with Hawaiian shirts, etc. are mythically passed around), I can still appreciate the old songs too.

I know the love/hate argument is a strong one with the Features. You either love the guys or can't stand the poppiness- half of my Boro friends don't even dig the synthy goodness. One of them even suggested that either you love the Features or Kings Of Leon. I would like to actually dispel this theory and go on record saying that I do indeed love them both. Granted the Features hold a special place in my heart solely because I've been into them for so long (not to say I wouldn't love to see KOL live and party with the band. Yes, please).

The band has recently posted some songs on their myspace page from the forthcoming record, "Some Kind of Salvation" that I can't seem to find a release date for, though I know atleast one person who has an advanced copy. From what's been posted on their page, the record sounds more mature than the previous records, not quite as poppy and outwardly synthy, but still with the Features edge that everyone's dug on the past releases. Of course, as it is a little more mature than the previous releases that gives me great hope for the entire record; good artists usually don't usually sound the exact same on each progressive record.

The boys have a show on June 7th at Mercy Lounge with Pico Vs. Island Trees and The Selmanaires, where you can the new songs live and in person.

Last fall when I saw the boys they busted out a few new tracks, specifically "the Gates of Hell", which was on their myspace but has been replaced by three newer tracks. Even thought it was a little slower and calmer than the older material, you could still enjoy bobbing around to it, hence passing the test.

Regardless, if you can, check out the coming up show, enjoy the perfect sounds for some booty shaking and enjoy the nite- the real world can wait a few hours.

Here's some of the Hawaiian shirts for reading thru all of this......

[Part 4/6- "Thursday"]
YCAC is an amazing organization in Murfreesboro [the folks who are incharge of Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp]. They worked their tales off trying to become a non-profit organizations and now that they are they've moved into a building on the square in town and are holding all ages shows and workshops to create many different things. This weekend there's a FREE workshop on making recycled art. If you're 12-17 or know some 12-17 year olds, check out the below on getting involved in the free workshop and check out their site for even more workshops to create things from totebags, tshirt alterations and more!

Upcoming Classes:
All classes will be at the Tall Grass Dance Studio 25 N Public Square

on the Murfreesboro Downtown Square.

Recycled Art Workshop:

Sign up at the DOOR!
Make sure a parent is present to pay and sign forms!


Ages 12-17

May 31st, Saturday


Have you ever had some wrapping paper you just couldn't part with or bottle caps you thought might be nice to keep? Turn your "junk" and other discarded materials into art in this Recycled Art Workshop.

All supplies are included except any scraps you just can't part with.

Brittani Irvin is currently pursuing her Art Education degree from Middle Tennessee State University. She has studied on exchange in Ontario Canada. And served as Co-President for the student chapter of the Tennessee Art Education Association. Her serious love for the community and the arts has lead her to work with the Youth Culture and Arts Center, and she is extremely excited to be a part of it!

Ran into this article in the Chattanooga Times Free Press today [of which I am an alumni of the teen reporters, circa 2000-2005]. It's really awesome to see the venues here in town that have folks that have worked really hard behind the scenes get some recognition and share with the world the awesomeness of what they've been up to. Plus it's a great primer for my 33 day countdown to turning 21 and finally getting into some rock shows.

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