Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bright Eyes/Parchute Musical/Etc.

Been working hard at working and counting down the days til I get a little bit of time in the Boro. Til then, here's a few things that warrant some words written about them...

1) Bonnaroo is over. I didn't go and my friends that went survived. They enjoyed it & I've lived vicariously thru blogs a little bit. And that's enough for me. The coolest thing, besides hearing that My Morning Jacket (who I'm planning on falling in love with soon) played for three hours, was the fact that Metallica played at the Basement the nite before playing the festival. Gotta love secret shows- I def. respect the band a whole lot more because of this.


Bright Eyes is playing Nashville twice in the coming months. The first show is going to be at Mercy Lounge on August 8th with Evangelicals and then at the Ryman with none other than amazingness herself [ok I'm biased], Jenny Lewis on September 21st. I will buying my ticket as soon as they go on sale. She's been working on her new solo record some [possibly in Nashville, seeing as my friend Zach had a J. Lewis sighting when he was up around music row] and it should probably be out at that point. Anyways, expect to see me there. [Via Pitchfork]

3) I got a book from author Tao Lin in the mail today. Pretty sweet. You can check out his blog about books, Britney Spears stickers [just read it. You'll get it] and possibly hampsters, maybe grapes. After I read thru the book I will share more thoughts. I went to starbucks today try and read it, but wound up writing a while in my journal instead. Oh well...we'll get around to it soon and I'll fill ya in.


Parachute Musical is playing their cd release show tomorrow nite [Thursday the 20th of the fair month of June] at Mercy Lounge in Nashville. Check out some of the tunes by the boys on their page and check out the show- I wish I could. They're a fun group to see live, particularly if you like good piano rock. I know some people hate that term, but check out the sounds before you make up your mind. I'll be putting up a review of the record that was a year in the making after I get my hands on a copy- hopefully sooner than later!

5) If there's anything cool going on in the Boro someone under 21 can get into on June 27th, let me know. I know that the Velcro Stars are playing at Wallstreet, but seeing as it's 3 days before I turn 21 I can't see them play their brand of pop that I really really dig. I figure there might be a house show going on somewhere..maybe..?

Thanks for checking out my words- got any comments? Let me know via a comment. They kinda make me smile...


hippie mamma jamba said...

bonnaroo's only good if you survive it.

i know this much, the bonnaroo gods told me so.

David said...

Bright eyes always gave me a headache.

David said...
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