Friday, July 4, 2008

Review: Good Night & Good Morning's "Studentin"

Good Night & Good Morning : "Studentin" EP

Sometimes you want to rock out, sometimes you want to dance and sometimes you just want to chill. Giving Good Night & Good Morning's newest EP a spin is one of the quickest ways to achieve the latter.

The band hails from Champaign, Illinois & is comprised of Ryan Brewer [vocals & guitar], Pat Elifritz [piano/bells/visuals] & Roisin Maguire [harp/un-awkwardness] (band duties listed as stated on the their myspace).

After randomly hearing the tunes online, I had to let them know how blown away I was. A few weeks later, a copy of their EP "Studentin" hit my mailbox. The first time that I listened to the record I just lazed around in bed, taking in the calm, ambient tracks.

Overall, the songs are gorgeous and make full use of the skills these guys and gal obviously house. The lyrics are somewhat 'emo' at times (particularly the song "Lune") and get a little repetitive, but given the lush instrumentation, it is easily looked over.

These folks are currently on tour in the midwest and will hopefully venture more towards the southeast by the end of the year. The vibe they give off (and is seen by the friends they keep-Toby Foster, RedBear,The Awful Truth are in their top 8) point to the d.i.y. underground house show scene. As you might've picked up by now, it's one of my favorites. I love how they're just different enough from the typical acoustic guitar artists but they definately still fit in with that whole crowd.

You can check out some tunes by Good Night & Good Morning on their myspace, which has a few downloadable songs- I suggest you give them a listen. Then order a record. Particularly if you live in the southeast (then they'll have to come, right? Of course!).

The band recently did a video interview with And for your viewing pleasure here is said video....

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