Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shows & Camp Rock [real & fictional]

I just downloaded and installed a Lastfm. I know I'm about 20 years behind in just now doing so, but I figured I'd do something different than Mog, just because. Must say I am impressed with the new service, seeing as there was a page set up for an older, more obscure Jens Lekman song.


My Morning Jacket is playing Nashville Riverfront on August 15th. Tickets are on sale, via the interwebs, now. They're a little steeper but look who the band is...I mean, they're kinda amazing.

[I won a pair of said tickets from Janet on Out The Other, a pretty rad show on WRVU, Vanderbilt's radio station. Rad stuff..]

For any doubters about how awesome an MMJ live show is, you can download their Bonnaroo set from this year over at You Ain't No Picasso.

Also, here's the promo video for their latest record, "Evil Urges". It's really well put together and has nice 8 mm shots, too. I've just been getting too excited about them. Don't fear, I will post plenty more about these gents between now and the show and afterward.

2) The Avett Brothers signed to American records and are recording with Rick Rubin. They have an official announcement up on their website Given what they have to say, these guys are in it for real and know where their hears and fans are, not willing to give that up. For that, I have the utmost respect.

"Camp Rock" is a Disney channel film featuring Demi Lovato & The Jonas Brothers. Excuse my moment of being 13 again, but it's some good stuff.

As the name suggests, it is set at a summer camp for teenagers who are into music- all genres, which coincidentally brings to mind the highlight of my summer (See 4, immediately following this tangent).

I gave in and purchased the soundtrack to the film the other day and have been on a listening binge.

Those songwriters are genius.

The theme of being yourself and following your dream and passions pulled me in. So don't hate...just let the guilty pleasure take over.

It's all about the message, man.
"The louder we got the better we sound"

4) Speaking of rock camp, Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp is next week! I'm uber pumped to be helping in photography class, waking the girls up during morning assembly & asking the tough questions during artists/guest panel. Oh, did I mention I'm a band manager this year, too? It's gonna be crazy busy and crazy worth it.
SGRRC 2008 Showcase Poster
I'm planning on posting daily blogs, filling everyone in on the amazingness that goes down, daily.

So until then, it's all catching up on sleep and thinking of stuff I need to pack.

For a taste of what's to come, you can check out my photo from last year's camp. Also, it's never too early to plan your attendance at the showcase, where all the girls rock out, taking what they learned from the week at camp. It's pretty much the stuff.


kayley said...

CAMP ROCK YES!!! best film ever, even though it's a music camp and the only class you ever see the kids in is a "hip hop dance class." oh yeah, and none of them really play instruments but just dance around like it's bloody high school musical. but at least the jo bros are in it. kevin, i'll make you a birdhouse! :)

i miss sgrrc (are you gonna rock with me?) so much. :( have a blast at camp!!

hippie mamma jamba said...

please be aware that when the bright and shining day of christmas is apon us (not really on us because that would be like baby jebuzz on us... and that's awkward to think about) you will be getting a birdhouse?

why? because i'm going to make it for you (not) at camp.

it's out of love. you can thank me in december.