Monday, July 14, 2008

SGRRC [pre-camp]

I am in Murfreesboro, awaiting Southern Girls Rock and Roll camp to start tomorrow, around 8 am. After chilling at mi amiga, Ht's, workplace for a while, head on over to Wright Music Hall for the pre-camp informational meeting. Saw quite a few old friends and new faces and learned our tshirts are purple, the guidebook looks rad, and we have 90 campers, with some on a waiting list, for both camps [there's also a Memphis camp later on this summer].

And now, with about 8 hours til camp in the morning, I believe it's time for bed. Spent a good chunk of the evening chillin on HT's porch, just taking it easy and talking with a few friends. Her birthday's coming up soon and the following picuture is after she opened up her bag of random goodies I gave her for this momentous occasion of her birth, in a few days...

Day 280

Alas, keep an eye out for more daily posts about SGRRC & plenty more photos once camp gets rolling- I know it'll be over before I know it!

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kayley said...

have a blast at SGRRC -- are you gonna rock with me?

please have a miley cyrus/jo bros dance off one morning during the morning announcements. :D